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Heads-Up: Continuing through L.A. Noire, Live on Twitch 7/2 1p PST

Though we’ve only made a couple mentions of it here on the website, Intelligame is building a live stream presence out there in the world. Our Twitch channel,, hosts Let’s Intelliplay every Thursday from 5p-9p Pacific. Today though, to try and catch up from missing a couple days while traveling, we’re doing a bonus stream. You can come hang out with us starting at 1p Pacific as we tackle the seedy, problematic world of L.A. Noire together.

NOTE: This is an M-rated game, with violence, sexual assault, and other mature themes. Viewer discretion advised. More…

Intelligame’s Giving an Extra Life for Children’s Miracle Network.

Gaming provides¬†great opportunities for us to create community and do good. This year, Intelligame joins Extra Life, a 24-hour gaming marathon to raise money for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.


Twitch, and TwitchCon: A Brief Primer

I spent this past weekend in San Diego attending TwitchCon 2016…for those of you who know about neither Twitch nor TwitchCon, here’s a brief¬†primer.