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Heads-Up: Continuing through L.A. Noire, Live on Twitch 7/2 1p PST

Though we’ve only made a couple mentions of it here on the website, Intelligame is building a live stream presence out there in the world. Our Twitch channel,, hosts Let’s Intelliplay every Thursday from 5p-9p Pacific. Today though, to try and catch up from missing a couple days while traveling, we’re doing a bonus stream. You can come hang out with us starting at 1p Pacific as we tackle the seedy, problematic world of L.A. Noire together.

NOTE: This is an M-rated game, with violence, sexual assault, and other mature themes. Viewer discretion advised. More…

The Intelligame Extra Life 2016 Streaming Schedule

Since announcing that Intelligame was participating in the Extra Life fundraiser, the Intelligame community has raised nearly $1,200 for sick kids. Now, the final schedule is revealed.


Intelligame Month Two is On the Way

We’re walking into the second full month of Intelligame, so let’s make like any good one-month anniversary and talk about the future. More…