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The IGC Roundtable Talks She Dreams Elsewhere (with Kahlief Adams)

In this episode of IntelligameClub, we finish our She Dreams Elsewhere by chatting feelings, self-talk, and ribs with IG Founder, Josh, as well as special guest Kahlief Adams of the Spawn on Me Podcast.

The IntelligameClub plays She Dreams Elsewhere

Welcome to IntelligameClub! Each month the Intelligame community plays a game together chosen by IntelligameClub curator Jenny Windom. This month’s selection is She Dreams Elsewhere, a game developed by Studio Zevere.

The Choice Quantic Dream Did NOT Pick in Detroit: Become Human

Detroit: Become Human feels like “enough” in many ways. But despite the impressively branching narrative and beautiful motion capture, the game rings hollow. A lack of diverse creators involved in the project seems to keep the game’s narrative from moving beyond tropes and “Resistance 101.”


How PAX East 2018 Got Inclusion Right

Attending events alone can invoke that dreaded feeling of FOMO – Fear of Missing Out. With the Penny Arcade Expo West (PAX West) recently announced and selling out, my experience of PAX East 2018 has been on my mind. How did the general vibe and environment feel to an introvert such as myself?