Monthly Archives: August 2018

image So Many Ways to “Represent” in The Intelligame Podcast

This episode of the Intelligame Podcast focuses on the different ways we represent ourselves and others. Highlighting developers present at both Game Devs of Color Expo 2017 and PixelPop 2018, we dive into the ways representation affects us and our world.


image The Choice Quantic Dream Did NOT Pick in Detroit: Become Human

Detroit: Become Human feels like “enough” in many ways. But despite the impressively branching narrative and beautiful motion capture, the game rings hollow. A lack of diverse creators involved in the project seems to keep the game’s narrative from moving beyond tropes and “Resistance 101.”


image Make that small community! | Intelligame Radio

The channel of a million followers begins with a single step…those likely weren’t the original words, but the point still stands. Josh talks upcoming events and starting small communities in this episode of Intelligame Radio. More…