Monthly Archives: January 2018

image Eternal Kings infuses a collectible card game into classic chess

A new board game on Kickstarter┬áremixes chess by blending in elements of collectible card games like Magic: The Gathering. It feels both new and familiar, though it likely won’t convert people who don’t like chess or gritty, Lord of the Rings-style fantasy.


image I’m excited for Monster Hunter World because my friends are. That’s okay.

I’ve been excited about Monster Hunter World for weeks now, but it’s not because I have an attachment to the franchise. I’m looking forward to the chance to band together with friends and tackle problems together.


image Explore and Discuss Never Alone with the IG Game Club on Jan 30th

It’s a new year and a new chance for us to Intelligame together. We start with Never Alone, a game diving deep into the culture of the I├▒upiat, a group of Alaskan Native people. Our live discussion is Jan 30th, and you’re invited to join in. More…