Finding the Music: Composition (with Andy Brick of Game On Concert)

This week on Intelligame Radio, we tune into the tunes that give our games life in the real world. For this episode, we speak with a video game composer and think about the nature of music in gaming.

The IGC Roundtable Talks She Dreams Elsewhere (with Kahlief Adams)

In this episode of IntelligameClub, we finish our She Dreams Elsewhere by chatting feelings, self-talk, and ribs with IG Founder, Josh, as well as special guest Kahlief Adams of the Spawn on Me Podcast.

Reaching Below the Surface: Depth (with Paralune Studio)

This week’s Intelligame Radio dives below the surface into the connections between our creations and the world we make them in. For this episode, we explore both the expanses of the ocean and the mind.

Stories That Connect: Narrative (with Xalavier Nelson Jr.)

Storytelling reaches beyond the words and characters we see in games: the mechanics and creators’ experiences shape our gameplay too. We explore these themes and more this week on Intelligame Radio.

The IntelligameClub plays She Dreams Elsewhere

Welcome to IntelligameClub! Each month the Intelligame community plays a game together chosen by IntelligameClub curator Jenny Windom. This month’s selection is She Dreams Elsewhere, a game developed by Studio Zevere.

Igniting Airwaves: Relaunch (with Jenny Windom)

Intelligame Radio returns to the digital airwaves! We relaunch with Jenny Windom, indie game critic and curator for IntelligameClub.

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Our Contributors Share The Games that Impacted Them in 2019

Today, we focus on impactful games chosen in 2019 by contributors and moderators from the Intelligame community, both past and present.

Exploring When Rivers Were Trails with the IntelligameClub

Exploring the history of “allotment” through Native eyes, this month’s IntelligameClub choice is When Rivers Were Trails.

We need more spaces like Game Devs of Color Expo.

By centering on creators of color, events like Game Devs of Color Expo provide a needed breath of fresh air in the game space.